Oly Ilunga Kalenga was the health minister for the Congo. He has recently resigned from his position after the president had decided to take over the Ebola epidemic. He recently posted a tweet on Twitter outlining his resignation and why exactly he has done so. "Following the decision of the president to manage the Ebola epidemic himself, I have handed in my resignation as minister of health on Monday. It was my honour to put my expertise to work for our nation during these 2 very important years of our history." He mentioned that "As in any war, because that is what this is, there cannot be several centres of decision-making for risk of creating confusion," he added. He expressed his negative opinion on the outside pressure applied to introduce a second Ebola vaccine. It has been manufactured by Johnson & Johnson in the US but there has been controversies surrounding it. This is because of the distrust of the nation against an unknown vaccination. He said that "It would be fanciful to think that the new vaccine proposed by actors, who have shown an obvious lack of ethics by voluntarily hiding important information from medical authorities, could have a significant impact on the control of the current outbreak," he said. This is in response to WHO (World Health Organisation) they have recently called for a global declaration of the epidemic. Also, the doctors without boarders are in favour of a new vaccine being introduced and that adds to the pressure being applied. "WHO has sounded the global alarm. Now it is up to the world to act," he added. #congo #congonews #congolese #congoleseblogger #banacongo #rdcongo #rdc #ebolavirus #ebola #congolesehospitality #bemba #jeanpierrebemba #felixtshisekedi #tshisekedi #congopresident #congo #banacongo #banacongo 🇨🇩 #congolese #congonews #newscongo #kabila #josephkabila